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How it works

It’s simple

Zoee makes finding Support Workers as simple as post, chat, agree and book.

  • 1Clients post their jobs, the days they need support, and extra information. Client support is at an hourly rate.
  • 2Support workers negotiate the hourly rate and confirm the days and times available - they get paid weekly. (Support workers must be a sole-trader & have their own insurance)

Support workers - Be your own boss - Get Job satisfaction

What in it for our support workers

  • Free and easy to join
  • Clients that want your assistance
  • Get paid weekly on a Wednesday (once your timesheets are submitted)
  • Flexibility to choose your jobs & negotiate your pay rate
  • Low cost of 7.6% charged, you'll get 92.4% of the amount negotiated
  • Invoicing, Timesheets & Tax Statements - make your administration easy!

How do you get paid?

Zoee uses Stripe to process payments & to pay our support workers. This is how it works:

  • You submit your timesheet - it gets sent to the client for approval
  • It is approved by the client
  • Payment is processed weekly on a Wednesday
  • Your first payment may take up to 7 - 14 days
  • Pays thereafter will take 1 - 2 days to clear

Frequently asked questions