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Diversity Policy

1. Purpose

Zoee is committed to being an inclusive workplace that prides itself on recognising and valuing the individual differences, backgrounds, perspectives, qualities and insights provided by our workers. Zoee strives to ensure that all our workers feel supported and comfortable at work.

We appreciate that our workers bring a range of differing skills and ideas to the workplace. This may be due to individual perspectives, life experience, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural background, religious belief, socio-economic background, disability, marital or family status, or age.

This Policy is binding and should be read in conjunction with other company policies. It does not form part of your employment contract.

2. Objectives

This Policy assists Zoee in ensuring that we offer an inclusive workplace where all workers are able to be themselves, and access opportunities to allow them to reach their full potential regardless of individual differences or background.

Zoee recognises that there is strength in the diversity of our workers, and harnessing these can assist us to improve the workplace, as well as enhancing our overall performance and decision-making.

3. Application

To apply this policy we will develop management strategies that are in line with recognising and valuing such diversity. This will include:

  1. ensuring that our recruitment and selection processes are fair with candidates being considered on the basis of their skills, qualifications and abilities without any direct or indirect discrimination;
  2. providing reasonable adjustments for workers or potential workers with disabilities to allow them to have equal terms, conditions and opportunities in the workplace;
  3. reviewing employee pay on a regular basis to ensure there is no direct or indirect discrimination towards any workers of diverse backgrounds regarding the remuneration received;
  4. conducting regular performance reviews based on merit and ensuring that review processes are applied consistently between workers;
  5. ensuring that policies and processes are in place to provide an inclusive workplace while also meeting legislative and other responsibilities relating to anti-discrimination, bullying or harassment and equal employment opportunity;
  6. ensuring diversity strategies are reviewed and based on a consultative process that includes the participation of a diverse range of workers where possible;
  7. ensuring all workplace processes and policies are reviewed for unconscious bias;
  8. setting measurable goals to assist in achieving a diverse workforce and management team;
  9. identifying and addressing any systemic barriers that prevent any workers from progressing to more senior roles;
  10. ensuring that our workers feel comfortable sharing information about their background or circumstances, as well as raising any grievances; and
  11. supporting flexible work practices to assist workers who require flexible work practices, including workers on parental leave.

4. Review

These strategies will be monitored and reviewed on an annual basis by the management team. We encourage all workers to provide feedback on this policy.

If you have any enquiries or complaints in relation to this Policy, please contact your supervisor or Zoe Halligan.